Kid Icarus Uprising

Nintendo and Supergazol make the web users fly for the launch of Kid Icarus Uprising !

You met him in Super Smash Bros, Pit come back now in his own adventure. To announce the release of the game, Supergazol and Nintendo present you an amazing interactive overlay !

In the square, a call-to-action invite you to send the angel Pit in the air.

When you click, Pit flies to the top of the screen and makes the site burning. A mini-game appears in a takeover : the gamer has to help Pit and kill the monsters !

After the fight, you can watch the trailer, share it on Facebook or visit the official website.

The campaign is reinforced by some standard banners in order to better inform the audience (gamers/general public) about the release of Kid Icarus Uprising.

You want to see more ? Discover Pit and blast all the monsters !