Brother In Arms – Furious 4

Before the release of Brother in Arms – Furious 4 in 2012, Supergazol and Ubisoft offer to gamers the opportunity to make the Nazis fly.

Called “Furious Faculty”, the rules of the game are easy: make the Nazis fly as far as you can by branding their back.

Once the user is logged in Facebook, he can challenge his friends and collect points to be at the top of the ranking.

Afterwards, several mini-games will be unlocked. A fact that will encourage gamers to come back and try other unusual weapons like an electroshock weapon, a Tomahawk battle-axe, or even a chain saw.

So, Furious 4 isn’t an advergame to take at face value. Very close to Inglorious Bastard movie, it takes users to the universe of the game and makes them meet the emblematic characters: Crockett, Stitch, Chock and Montana.

Try your luck, enter the Furious Faculty now!